van Setten

A determined young man

Front end Developer

Who is this freshman?

Currently working at: HVMP

Dutch. Rotterdam. 21 years young. Music addict. Fitnessjourney. Gymrat. Adidas Sponsor. Hate losing. Fanatical footballsupporter. Summer. Perfectionist. Quality above Quantity.

Every failed experiment is one step closer to success. If you don't fail, you're not even trying. Don't be afraid to fail. Failing does not make you a failure.

So what do you offer?

Front-end Development

In March 2016, I've officialy graduated in Web Development. At the start of my course I immediately discovered my interest for the front-end. Playing with a countless amount of color combinations and placing elements on their spot where they belong, pixel perfect. And so on I developed my skills with HTML(5), CSS(3) and jQuery/Javascript.


During my course I met the love of my life, WordPress. Since the beginning of our romantic journey I've merged my skills together with hers. Until this moment, I kept using this workflow to provide my fellow adventurers (read: Clients) with a clean, professional looking website.

  • My completed quests

    Woohoo, you already made it this far!

    As you now know, I have already finished some projects and this is the wonderful place where you will find them. Maybe.. Maybe one day, it is your project which will be shown in my showroom.

    Until then, please use the arrows on the side to have a look at my finished projects and click on the title for a visit.

  • Nori Bake

    Nori is the name of a mix which contains 8 different species of seaweed. This kind of superfood will be the invention of the future. This is my most recent project and so far, the one I've enjoyed the most!

  • IJsselparket

    IJsselparket are the people you want to take care of your floor. They are here to bring you a brand new floor or to repair and to maintain your current floor. At this point this freshman started to get familiar within the big bad world of business, but I still had (and always will have) to learn a lot.


    The first project I've ever done.

    CS Bakery Bread Concepts (CSBBC) is a Dutch company of innovators within the world of bread. This project was all about learning experiences. Untill this day, I can clearly see the improvement I've made.

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